They come and they go


I was recently in consideration for a crazy, week long shoot for a major tequila company - to be shot in Mexico. Would have been so sick and the images/style they were looking for, were exactly in line with the body of work that I’ve created for Americano Mondays.

But sadly - I lost it to an ‘influencer/Instagram’ photographer with a large following. Whatever! That’s a whole different topic and I know the agency fought to have me involved, so it’s all good. It’s a crazy reality that photographers have to face these days.

Cut to a week or so ago and I get a call from Trevor with @memoryscapemedia to see if I’m interested in shooting a campaign for another tequila company that he was producing? What! Yeah, I’m down. So last night, we shot a pretty cool campaign - at a great location - overlooking the Hollywood Bowl and pretty much all of freakin’ Los Angeles.

Shots came out sick and the agency was happy so that’s all good. But what was so extra super calafragalisticly cool - is that because there was a concert going on at the Hollywood bowl they had these spot lights shining up into the sky - directly in the background framing of our shot. The client had purposefully permited out the location where we shot to have LA as the background / But yeah, thank you whoever was playing last night - You definitely helped bring the images to a whole other level.

And because of that, it also gave me some cool ideas to do stuff that I haven’t done in a while like longer exposures/light painting on the images which again, wasn’t in the deck but why not when you got that view and you already know you’ve got the image locked down.