AM Live Sessions featuring LA based spoken word poet and hip hop artist, Propaganda.

A short film on “Nicely” a three time World Latte’ Artist Champion and head barista at the Venice, CA coffee shop, Menotti’s.

Part .02 of the feature on LA based spoken word artist and hip hop artist, Propaganda.

#myAMritual - a short form, film series on the daily rituals of passionate people. Ep.01 features, Lostboy Illustrations.


A series of micro films - primarily for Instagram - that I did as a personal challenge to see how fast I could get from the initial filming - the edit - picking out the music to uploading. Sometimes, all within an hour or so. I would set timers on my phone and whatever I tasked myself as that time had to be completed - or abandoned - no matter what. I freakin’ love challenges like this.